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KimLily Brown
RoryGiovanni Bienne
MikePhillip Whiteman
DoctorShazia Mirza
Kim’s MumLouise Jameson
Kim’s DadRobin Soans
LukeLuke Courtier
BarmanNicholas Anscombe
TimTim Pritchett
RobRob Ostlere
MidwifeDaphne Kouma


Produced by Fyrian Films


Chloe Seddon and Phillip Whiteman

Directed by
Tijmen Veldhuizen

Written by
Chloe Seddon, Phillip Whiteman and Giovanni Bienne

Sound mix and design by
Pietro Giordano

Make up by
Bianca Pereira and Thom Shaw

Production design by
At the End of The Road

Annette Parry

Theodora Ho

Camera assistant
Elena Lopezbrea-Sanchez

Additional Focus Puller
Adam Griffiths

Animation by
Geoff Brenner

Animation assistant

Editing by
Fleekul Yob

Enge Gray

Stills photographer
Vincent Whiteman

Casting assistance
Giovanni Bienne

Original music by
James Jones

Opening theme by
Thomas Easey and Charlie Waddington

Additional Music in Episode 6

David Ott

Marketing design
Vincent Whiteman

Ben Murphy

Website assistant
Danny Gomez

Original Art provided by
Ben Slow
Daniel Emo
Joseph Loughborough

Italian Subtitles
Simone Sgrò
A special thanks to Pietro Stopponi and Giuseppe Tarabini

Russian Subtitles
Nadia Raizer

Vietnamese Subtitles
Tam Nguyen

With the help and support of these people this series would not have been possible. Thank you.

The Judging Panel at The Raindance Film Festival: Elliot Grove, Rupert Bryan, Susan Miller (Anyone but Me Series), Chris Stone (Blood and Bone China) and Elisar Cabrera. A special thanks to Rakel Dimar for working on the original pilot for us and Motion Picture House for all their help and support. Daisy Gill and Irina Guimarães at The London Film Academy, Richard Hobbs at Clear Cut Pictures, Dan Ayling, Chris Darvell, Sam Scott Hunter, Ben Crichton, Toria Hastings, Nina Ludokva Smith, Rob Silva, Natalie Whelan, Sofie Mason, Scott Williams, Morgan Brind, Saatchi and Saatchi, Oxford House, The National Theatre Costume department, British Surrogacy Centre, Natalie Gamble Associates, Ellis Gordon, Bridget McKeon, all our Facebook and Twitter fans and to everyone involved.